Scope Of Work

Sinergi Legal Indonesia is always ready to handle every case, both Litigation and Non-Litigation as well as Legal Services :

A. Corporate Legal Consultant

In every business transaction, what is needed for every business person or corporation is for their business to run smoothly, safely and get legal protection (legal protect) correctly. With legal protection for business people, corporations can get a maximum profit. So to ensure that the corporation in its business can run safely, protected, and free from legal problems, both civil and criminal, assistance is needed by an Advocate / Lawyer to provide legal services / consultation from our Legal Consultants.

Our Legal Consultants will fill the company’s legal needs in carrying out all its business activities and keep the company getting the best legal services in every resolution of legal problems faced. As a consultant who is experienced in his field, and has many experienced legal experts, who have broad and deep knowledge insights Synergy Legal Indonesia is present and is committed to providing the best business law services for all corpsai in Indonesia in handling various business law cases and corporate law and so on.

Conducting a legal review of the position of the corporation / company against corporate law in Indonesia, with the aim of:

  • To find out the legal position of the Company as a Limited Liability Company that has qualified as an Indonesian Legal Entity.
  • To carry out the necessary procedures so that the liability of the corporation and the Management of the Company becomes limited, so that there is no personal liability of the Management of the Company, unless things of an Ultra Vires nature occur.
  • Conducting a legal review of permits / reviewing permits related to business activities (business) and operations of the Company to find out the extent of the completeness and applicability of these permits in providing protection to the company’s business.
  • Conducting a legal review of the provisions and legal norms imposed within the company to determine the legal binding power of these provisions and norms and their effect on the Company’s operating activities.
  • Carry out legal actions necessary in fulfilling the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations from: a). Corporate aspects; b). Licensing aspects; c). Aspects of internal provisions.
  • Inventorying and conducting research in tracing documents and / or providing information in order to understand a new legislation or legal policy related either directly or indirectly to the business and business activities of the corporation.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia also handles company receivables cases, company establishment and closure, mergers, consolidations and acquisitions of companies handling corporate bankruptcy lawsuits, and maintaining them through legal remedies for Requests for Postponement of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU), banking cases such as bad debts and execution of credit guarantees/collateral, execution of guarantees, making company regulations &PKB, as well as business cases and other companies. Providing Legal Audit which is a legal consultant service to analyze the legal position of your business. Legal Audit ensures that there are no hidden risks within your company. The problems identified by legal audits are those that put your company at risk of early punishment and litigation, this is done to protect the corporation.

B. Business Legal Consultant

  • Drafting Legal Drafting relating to the required business agreements.
  • Prepare work contract standards in the aspects of personnel / personnel (internal to the company) and / or conduct a Legal Review of the contract / employment agreement between the Company and Employees, as well as company documents and not limited to Company Regulations, Decree of the Board of Directors and other documents in connection with personnel / personnel arrangements by the Company.
  • Conduct a Legal Review of contracts/agreements proposed by business partners, and examine, analyze, propose improvements, and/or make Credit Agreements, Cooperation Agreements, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Lease Agreements and/or Lease Agreements and others.
  • Business negotiation provides legal advice and legal opinions in writing related to business negotiations carried out by the Company both with the Government and the private sector and other legal actions required by the Company to comply with the principles of good corporate governance.
  • Provide legal advice to resolve businnes disputes amicalbly and accompany the Management of the Company when conducting negotiations related to business disputes.

C. Legal Audit

Providing Legal Audit services that can detect early in preventing various frauds (Fraud) against corporations / kien, which include:

  • Frauds in doing business are not legally viewed.
  • Investigate in detail and in depth.
  • Prevent early all risks that will be faced by the Company.
  • Assess and/or identify potential problems or obligations before they become a reality.
  • Find compliance issues before harming your company due to penalties or litigation.
  • Search legally to be able to see that fraud has occurred in the business. .dll.

D. Capital Market Law

  • Merger of Companies.
  • Consolidation (amalgamation) of the Company.
  • Acquisition (Takeover) of the Company.
  • Legal Services Related to right issues and securities.
  • Legal Services related to mutual fund issuance.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of Mutual Funds.

E. Employment Law

  • Management of layoff issues at the mediation level and industrial relations courts.
  • Drawing up a cooperation agreement.
  • Evaluation of the Company’s employment policy according to the Employment Act.

F. Land Law

  • Identifying facts and legal issues for the purchase and registration of land.
  • Attorney in resolving disputes over land, buildings, housing, deeds, certifications, ownership, titles, mortgages, leases, dependent rights, fiduciaries, etc.

G. Tax Law

  • Tax audit, Tax planning.
  • Preparation and management of PPH, VAT, and UN restitution.
  • Preparation and management of objections to PPH, VAT, and PBB, Tax Attorneys in the Tax Court in Tax disputes.

H. Inheritance Law

  • As legal counsel in the management of wills and inheritance rights properly with applicable law;
  • As a legal attorney in the custody of the District and/or Religious Courts.

I. Criminal Law

  • Attorneys in the defense of individual and corporate criminal acts both in the stages of investigation and courts, appeals, appeals.

J. Civil Law

  • Attorneys in the defense of individual and corporate civil acts both in the stages of Mediation and courts, appeals, appeals.

K. Administrative Law

  • Attorney through the State Administrative Court, which includes the settlement of the products of the State Administrative Decree (beschikking).

L. Constitutional Law

  • Attorneys in Judicial Review.
  • Attorney for Election Disputes.
  • Institutional Disputes, through the Constitutional Court’s Deliberations.

M. Family Law

  • As an individual legal advisor in family disputes e.g. Inheritance, Rights retained in the family.
  • Attorneys in divorce disputes, gono gini property disputes, child custody disputes, etc., in the investigation and court stages.

N. Civil Law

  • Attorneys in the defense of individual and corporate civil acts both in the stages of Mediation and courts, appeals, appeals.
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