Our Company

Sinergi Legal Indonesia is a Legal Consultant that is active in the field of Consultants and Legal Services (Law Service) such as Legal Consultants, Business Licensing Consultants and Business Entity Establishments, Tax Law Consultants, Legal Audit Consultants, and has a Team of Legal Consultants and has collaborated with several law office colleagues in preparing Advocates / Legal Consultants in their respective fields for the needs of Clients. As for the Indonesian Legal Synergy, we are currently domiciled in Jakarta.

The Indonesian Legal Sinergi Legal Consultant Office was established by: Agung Fajriansyah Burantani, S.H, C.NSP., CTL.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia chooses and establishes itself as a professional Legal Consultant Office that is oriented to provide maximum legal services, technically professional and commercially feasible.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia was established to completely answer the dynamics of problems that occur in the midst of society and companies. We are here as your Business Partner to provide professional and professional legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia interacts between individuals and individuals, between individuals and legal entities, as well as between legal entities that are increasingly complex. With complete insight into legal knowledge, experience and a comprehensive understanding of problems, Sinergi Legal Indonesia always provides solutive solutions, ensures client legal protection and maximum service, and as far as possible avoids risks that occur in the future days, because the Legal Services and Legal Consultations provided are not short term but also long-term.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia in providing Legal Professional Services, Licensing Consultant Services and Tax Law Services is always firmly enforced and upholds the ethical principles and professionalism regulated in the constitution of the republic of Indonesia, so that it is ensured that it can provide a sense of security for clients against various counterproductive matters in the subsequent legal service process.

Sinergi Legal Indonesia is supported by Advocates and Legal Consultants as well as other Professional Workers who are proficient in their respective fields with the titles of Professor, Doctor, Master, and Bachelor of Law graduates from well-known universities

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