Founder Profile

Agung Fajriansyah Burantani, S.H., C.NSP., CTL

Is a Leader in Sinergi Legal Indonesia and is also an Advocate and Founder of Law Firm Adhigana Daksa & Partners which he built in 2018 until now. He completed his S-1 in 2011, he has a Certified Negotiator (CNSP) at the LKP Indonesian Life Skill Academy and Certified as a Lawyer and Tax Law Attorney (CTL) at the Indonesian Association of Lawyers and Tax Lawyers. and already has a Tax Attorney’s License from the Indonesian Tax Court.

Taxation from the Indonesian Tax Court. Throughout his experience as an Advocate and Tax Attorney, A. Fajriansyah Burantani, S.H, handles various legal cases such as criminal, civil, taxation, inheritance, marriage, Industrial Relations Disputes (PHI) and Corporate cases. Armed with his experience advocate and became part of the Legal Department in various companies. He has experience in managing Corporate Licensing and has had many relationships in the government sectors. He currently has collaborated a lot with companies in facilitating in the field of Law. So he was motivated to create a company engaged in legal services.

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