Legal Services

Sinergi Hukum Indonesia is always ready to handle every case, both Litigation and Non-Litigation as well as Legal Services. The details are as follows:

A. Reteiner

  • For companies / corporations that need routine consulation services, whether related to corporate or business law, we can provide services on a subscription basis by providing legal services every month with a contract for the use of legal services per year. The provision of legal services by subscription is provided for a maximum of 40 working hours per month. The amount of the cost of using legal services by subscription will be discussed internally in accordance with the agreement.

B. Case By Case

  • The provision of legal services can be provided for the handling of each case on a case-by-case basis, the amount of legal services in accordance with the agreement. The handling of these cases includes: Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Tipikor, Tax, and religious courts. Where the lawyer fee will be determined based on the complexity of the case and the success of the fee handled based on the agreement of both parties. The fee as referred to above does not include out of pocket costs, such as: travel official fees out of the city if needed such as accommodation costs which include ticket fees, hotels, taxis and pocket money. Administrative costs include but are not limited to the cost of duplicating documents, document procurement costs and correspondential costs, which will be billed according to the actual costs incurred.


  • Handling cases of postponement of obligations and dealing with the Curator and the court requires special permission.

D. Business Licensing Management Services

  • Provision of services in the form of managing company permits according to company needs. The permit management services include: BPOM Permit, Halal Permit, Risk-Based Business Identification Number (NIB), LKPM, Groundwater Extraction Permit (SIPA), Building Approval (PBG), New Siteplan / Siteplan Revision, UKL-UPL / AMDAL, Certificate of Proper Function (SLF), Management of agency permits, Operational Business Permits (Indusri, Animal Husbandry, etc.), Certification of Proper Function (SLF), Import Certificates (IDD), Distribution Permits, WWTP Permits, Medical Device Permits, other Business Permits, etc., etc.. (According to the needs of the company).

E. Business Entity Establishment Management Services

  • Handling management services for the establishment of Business Entities including: PT, CV, PT Perseorangan, Firms, Cooperatives and Foundations.
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