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Sinergi Legal Indonesia was established to fully answer the dynamics of problems that occur in the midst of society and companies.
We are here as your Business Partner to provide professional and reliable legal services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Company

Sinergi Legal Indonesia is a company that has activities in the field of Legal Consultants and Services (Law Service) such as Business Licensing Consultants and Business Entity Establishment Consultants, Tax Law Consultants, Legal Audit Consultants, and has collaborated with several law office colleagues in preparing Advocates / Legal Consultants in their respective fields for the needs of Clients' needs. Our company is currently domiciled in Jakarta.

Agung Fajriansyah Burantani, S.H., C.NSP., CTL
Agung Fajriansyah Burantani, S.H., C.NSP., CTL


Sinergi Legal Indonesia is always ready to handle every case, both Litigation and Non-Litigation as well as Legal Services :


Corporate Legal Consultant

In every business transaction, what is needed for every business person or corporation is for their business to run smoothly.


Business Legal Consultant

Drafting Legal Drafting relating to the required business agreements.


Legal Audit

Providing Legal Audit services that can detect early in preventing various frauds (Fraud) against corporations / kien


Capital Market Law

Legal Services Related to right issues, securities and mutual fund issuance


Employment Law

Management of layoff issues at the mediation level and industrial relations courts.


Land Law

Identifying facts and legal issues for the purchase and registration of land

Other Scope

  • Tax Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law

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Our Team

Kusnady Amirullah, S.H., M.H

Kusnady Amirullah, S.H., M.H

Dimang Putra Zamar, S.H
Senior Lawyer

Dimang Zamar, S.H.

Capt. Rahmat Hidayat, SE. M. Mar

Capt. Rahmat Hidayat, SE. M. Mar


Erdi Rahmansyah, S.H

Client Testimonial

Happy to work with Indonesian Illegal Synergy. Lawyers are professional and always give us much needed advice.

Hendri Baskoro Danuri (Pengusaha)

The impression I get is that this team understands the client's wishes, moves quickly & proactively takes care of client problems. Understand acids and salts & the ins and outs of their world

Drs. HM. Jusuf Rizal, S.H., S.E., M.Si
Ketum Partai Swara Rakyat Indonesia (PARSINDO)

Good Handling, Professional and Recommended

Dr. Trubus Rahadiansyah, S.H., M.H
Pengamat Kebijakan Publik Universitas Trisakti

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